Philadelphia was in a drought. But certainly not literaly: rain has been pounding the city for the past few days. No, this drought was the drought of their sports team, particulary the Phillies. The last time the Phils had won the World Series was 1980, an insane 28 years ago. What are the Rays whining about? They haven’t even been around that long.

In an epic game that spanned over three days, Cole Hamels was spectacular. He went 6 innings on 70-something pitches. Shane Victorino put the Phils up with a two-run single in the first. Singles by Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena got the Rays their first two runs. Enter the delay. The game started on Monday night. But it was postponed to Wednesday, right through Taco Day. When the game finally got started again, it was 2-2 going into the bottom of the 6th. The Phillies were able to get a run from Jayson Werth with a single. The Rays answered back with a Rocco Baldelli homer in the 7th. The Phils came right back to score on Pedro Feliz’s single. With the score 4-3 Phillies, the bullpens held quietly for an inning. Then Brad Lidge came in to close the game. This guy was shockingly solid all year. His outing last night was not one-two-three, as he had the tying run on second with two outs. But he struck out Eric Hinske to close the World Series and give Philadelphia the title. If you haven’t seen the on-field celebration yet, go to MLB.com and watch it. It is amazing. I love watching the celebrations!!

Cole Hamels is the MVP. It’s a no-doubter. What a great series! You gotta tip your cap to the losers, though. The Rays came a long way this year. They did something they had never done before: they got to the playoffs. And not just that, they also got the the World Series. They beat the defending champs. Though their hot hitters cooled down in rainy Philadelphia, they have some team there.

So, we have our 2008 champions: the Philadelphia Phillies. Now begins the long offseason…    



  1. Kaybee

    I don’t celebrate halloween, but I did go to a Reformation Festival and I wore my Trevor Hoffman shirt. Last year I wore my Padres jersey and my glove and chain necklace like some of the guys do. It was fun!

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