7 Reasons Not to Trade Jake Peavy

jake camo.jpg

I’ve tired to ignore it. But it is inevitable. There are serious Jake Peavy trade talks going on. Now, the Padres aren’t trying to get rid of him. It is very likely that he will be with us next year. But if it’s coming, I have some reasons to keep him.


It’s safe to say that Jake is a celebrity in San Diego. He’s definitely one of the faces of the organization. If you lived in San Diego and knew very little about the Padres, you would probably be able to identify three players: Tony Gywnn, Trevor Hoffman, and Jake Peavy. As a result, if you wanted to go to a game, you would most likely go to one that Jake starts. If Jake gets traded, what’s the point for a casual fan to go to a game for any reason other than having a fun time at the ballpark?


Yes, we all know that Jake is married. But there are many San Diego girls who have an obsession with Jake. I’m sure there are many young ladies who show up just for Jake’s starts. If Jake gets traded, these girls will be heartbroken. 


What about the fans who stick by the team through thick and thin? What about the fans who could be put in the classification of “obsessed”? What about the fans who know everything about the team, the ones who shell out their hard-earned money to go to a game? What about them? What are they supposed to do without Jake Peavy? It would be a devastating loss. But hopefully we would be able to move on. How can we cheer for a team that traded their ace? Well, that’s why we’re die-hard. We stick by them no matter what. Espescially when it’s tough.


Jake’s a semi-leader in the clubhouse. It isn’t fair to the other guys to lose a guy like Jake. Whenever he pitches, he fires up the team. If the front office trades their star ace, how can any players get comfortable here?


San Diego is a championship-starved city. We are well aware of that. Why would this city believe in a team that gives away one of their biggest chances of winning?


Jake, his wife Katie, and their sons Jacob and Wyatt moved to San Diego last offseason. Katie just had their third child, Judson Lee. Can you believe how horrible it would be for Katie to have to move the family? Now, if Jake got traded soon, he would be able to help her. But it would be so sad if she had to move with 2 young boys and a baby. Then again, the rest of the family might stay behind if Jake had to move on. 



If you’ve seen Jake pitch, you know what I mean. When he goes out there, he’s screaming at himself, stalking around the mound, giving it all he’s got. He’s a fighter, and he doesn’t give up. When his team’s been struggling, he goes into his starts determined to win. He brings a fire to this club. What would we do without it? No one can replace that. If we lose Jake, we lose hope for this club.

So, in review, if Jake gets traded, it’s going to hurt the fans, the family, and the club. I, like all Padres fans, are waiting nervously to see what the Padres will do. But hopefully, we’ll still have our ace next season.  





  1. joefromnewhampshire

    I honestly believe that the best thing for the organization to do is to revamp, and that would mean trading Peavy, and Adrian Gonzalez. I know from a fans perspective, it stinks, but stocking the farm is the way to go in my opinion. And down the road, most likely, the Padres will have a beloved hitter, and a beloved pitcher.


  2. hardballblog

    If I was the San Diego GM I would not even think about letting Peavy go. He is their best player by far. Since I’m not the San Diego GM and I happen to be a Braves fan, I hope he gets traded. However I can see where you are coming from in not wanting him to go. I wouldn’t either if I was in your shoes.

  3. metmainman

    How about keeping Peavy because the Padres can still make the postseason at any point? Sure they sucked this year but in the NL West anybody can finish on top, and Jake Peavy is certainly going to help.

    Why trade him anyway? Its not like he is a free agent to be. He is locked up until 2013, so I think the Padres are out of theire minds to trade him.

  4. Kaybee

    That’s why I don’t understand the front office. There’s absolutely no reason to trade him, so I don’t know why they are even talking about it. But it is very likely that he will stay. And, yeah, we could easily be back in the playoffs soon. Thanks for the comments!

  5. mooresell

    As a Padres fan since 1978 Let me just say trading Jake Peavy to ANYONE would be a HUGH mistake.. He has proven to be the ACE of this staff..
    He has only won the CY Award, ERA and strikeout title in the past 4 yrs.. He is a VERY dominating pitcher.. He would have a much better record if the Padres would SCORE SOME DAMN RUNS!!! If the padres do trade him I promise you the Padres will be nothing more than a double AA team at best!!! Note to Moores,Alderson and Towers If you want to keep the fans happy DO NOT TRADE PEAVY!!!
    I for one will STOP following the padres!!! I am sick and tired of this team trading away there best players for minor leaguers..Don’t give me this nonsense that the padres have no money.. If the Florida Marlins,Tampa Bay rays can have a payroll of 50 million and contend why not the Padres?

  6. districtboy

    mooresell: The reason why the Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays can win so many games with such a low payroll (they both have payrolls much lower than $50 million), is because they DID trade all their very valuable players for prospects, and completely revamped the farm system (like joefromnewhampshire wrote). With a good farm system, you will eventually have great team with a very low payroll.

    Peavy should be traded, and it will really help the Padres future to do so. I don’t get people saying that it doesn’t make sense to trade because he has so many years remaining on his contract. That’s the reason the prospects they recieve will be so great! The prospects will be twice as good now than in two years. That’s the reason Dan Haren fetched so much more than Johan Santana, even though Santana is much better.


  7. Kaybee

    Even if we trade Jake and get a bunch of prospects, is it going to help us soon? A major youth movement is happening in San Diego NOW, so if we’re going to win with the young guys, we should keep Jake. The majority of the club next year is probably going to be rookies. If we have a winning team with the rookies, I would want Jake on that team. I feel very strongly that we need to hold on to him. And don’t forget his no-trade clause-he has to approve ANY trade.

  8. whosyourtiger

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m not a Padres fan, but watching Jake for several years has given me a soft spot for the Friars. Really the reason I started following Jake probably was because of his passion for the game. He doesn’t act like manny ramirez, or countless others who you see showing off after they’ve just crushed a ball 400+ feet and walk around the bases. Jake plays the game right, and the energy and passion he brings to the mound everytime he takes the ball is unmatched in my opinion. If the Padres know what’s best, they’ll hang on to Jake.


  9. e.luevano@verizon.net

    Does anyone have a high-resolution pic of Jake in the Camo jersey (like the one above)? My son adores him but I haven’t been able to find a large pic in the camo. Thanks

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