Can the Phillies do it?

The Phils have a 3-1 lead over Tampa Bay. They have 2 straight wins in a row. They have extreme momentum from a walk-off followed by a bombing. Can they do it? Can they win the World Series TONIGHT?

Well, look who’s pitching. Yep, it’s that amazing lefty, Cole Hamels. Naturally, he’ll have to take care of Scott Kazmir, but with the way Hamels has been throwing, I personally think the Rays don’t stand a chance. OK, maybe a sliver of a chance, but it’s going to be a tough game for the Rays’ hitters. But that doesn’t mean that the Phillies lineup won’t have their own problems. Kazmir could be just as tough as Hamels.

But looking back on the last two games, the Phillies’ hitters have really heated up. Particulary Ryan Howard. The guy has three homers in two games! If the rest of the lineup stays hot, who’s going to keep them down? This game certainly seems to be in the Phillies’ favor.

But baseball is a weird, weird game. Last night’s game was insane. I mean, the starting pitcher hitting his first career homer in a World Series game? A decent second baseman booting multiple plays? A star rookie in a BAD slump? It’s plain WEIRD. But that’s why we love it. Whenever you go to the ballpark, especially in a game like this, you know that something amazing could happen. Let’s see if the Phillies can live the dream tonight.  

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