Red Sox: Never Say Die

I realized why I love the Red Sox last night: they’re THE comeback team, the very picture of “never say die”. They’re unbelievable. But they’re the real deal. This team is simply incredible.

It was a wild and wooly game, no doubt. Dice-K got hit early with a 2-run homer from the red-hot B.J. Upton. Then in the third, Carlos Pena hit a 2-runner followed by a solo shot from Evan Longoria. Thing were not looking good for the Sox in this do-or-die game, and it got even worse. Pena added to the problems with a 2-run double off Jonathan Paplebon. Going into the bottom of the 7th, it was a 7-0 game. Jed Lowrie started the inning with a double. After 2 flyouts, Coco Crisp singled to sent Lowrie to third. Dustin Pedroia singled in Boston’s first run. Then David Ortiz came to the plate. The announcers were just explaining his slump of 61 ABs without a homer when BANG! Ortiz hits a tremendous three-runner to right. It’s now 7-4 Rays. In the bottom of the eighth, Jason Bay walked to set up J.D. Drew. Drew hit a bomb to bring the Sox within a run. 2 outs later, Mark Kotsay doubled. Crisp singled, Kotsay scored, Crisp tried to take second but was tagged out. But the tying run scored. Justin Masterson threw a good top 9th. In the bottom of the 9th, two quick outs were made. It seemed as if the game would go to extras when Kevin Youkilis hit a ground ball to Longoria. The third baseman made a great scoop, but his throw to first missed, bounced up, and sailed over the first baseman’s mitt. Youkilis to second. Bay was intentionally walked for Drew. Drew slammed a single to right, sending in the winning run. It was amazing.

This game was fantastic. I’m running out of adjectives here, but it is worth every one of them. I mean, the game did not look promising for the Sox at all in the beginning. Dice-K was struggling, and they were getting down early. They left a bunch of runners on base, weren’t getting key hits. It reminded me of the Padres! But when they did start coming back, they were doing almost everything with two outs. I could hardly believe what was going on right in front of my eyes. I was sort of resigning to the fact that the Rays were going to win, mostly because of the announcers (ahem!), who were talking as if the Rays had already won. (Of course, their colors changed when the Sox came back.) I wasn’t really giving up on them, but I was preparing myself for a loss. But then they rallied back, and I was super excited. I’m actually in Arizona right now on vacation, and I was in the hotel room, pumping my fist, trying not to scream too loud. It was so amazing that it was funny. I enjoyed that game so much. People are going to talk about it for days.

Now the Red Sox have a second chance. They’re going to play another game tomorrow night at Tampa, and they’re throwing Josh Beckett against James Shields. Now the question is, what can’t this team do? They’ve come back to win the World Series twice after being down 3-0 or 3-1. They’ve started it this year. Tampa’s leading by 3 games to 2, but we must wonder how safe that lead is. With this Boston team, nothing is impossible.   




  1. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Great recap of that game! I forgot how crucial Evan Longoria’s error was in the ninth inning. And I know how you feel trying not to scream too loud, it’s so hard! Glad to see that you like the Sox and the Padres, I’d love to go to the Padres park someday. I can’t wait for the game tonight!

  2. Jane Heller

    Lol about you being in that hotel room and trying not to scream. I once went to a monastery to research a novel I was writing. There was this period of silence for several hours – no talking allowed whatsoever – but there I was, sitting on my bed with headphones in, listening to a Yankees-Red Sox game. A-Rod hit a home run and I screamed and then immediately shut up. Luckily, nobody kicked me out!

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