Happy Birthday, Trev!!

trev yelling.jpgToday is Trevor Hoffman’s 41st birthday, and he’s still going strong. Hey, a really good birthday present would be to get a contract from the Padres! (Padres front office: hint, hint) Trev has been the face of the organization since Tony Gwynn left, and he has been instrumental with this team for years. And since he is my second favorite player, I wanted to wish him a great birthday, and hopefully a few more years of Padres baseball. Thanks for everything, Trev!!

In other news, the latest leaders came out today for mlblogs.com. The first time I was on the list, I was number 44 out of 50. Today, I am 28 out of 50. This is really exciting for me mostly because the Padres were BAD, and who wants to read about the third worst team in baseball? But I really enjoy blogging baseball, and I can’t wait til next season! GO PADRES!  


  1. SDFriarFan

    Nice B-day wish there. My wish would be for SD to pick up Giles’ option and to get Hoffy signed. These guys are great leaders in the clubhouse.

    Sorry I hadn’t been by to comment lately. We’ve had a hectic few weeks, getting our house ready for an open house party.

    Congrats on the standings! Good to see the Pads are being represented!

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