The Last Two Days

On Saturday, there was hope. In the first, Adrian doubled in Giles, who walked. Kouz promptly hit his 23rd homer. Chris Young was very good. Heath Bell allowed a run, but Trevor got his 30th save to win 3-2. But on Sunday, we lost 6-1 against the Pirates. It was pathetic, but it figures that we would lose the last game. We had 6 hits, with an RBI double for Brian Giles. Pitching was bad, just like all year. We couldn’t hit, just like all year. So, now the season is over. I really hope the Padres start making moves soon. I guess there is the hope that there will be moves. The Padres will be busy this offseason. I will definitely continue blogging. The offseason is when fans really need each other. Plus, the postseason will be very fun. GO RED SOX!!


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