• 6-3 Pirates

How on earth did we lose this game? I know: our pitching, defense, and offense. Well, mostly defense and offense. In the 9th, with 2 outs and 2 on, a Pirate hit a fly ball to right. VERY routine. But for some bizarre reason, Brian Giles dropped it. As a result, two runs scored. You will not see that again in Gilly’s career. The video is very painful to watch. It just isn’t something that Brian does. Well, it’s 2008. So we lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates. We didn’t hit very much. Nick Hundley ran into one for his 5th homer, and Luis Rodriguez singled a dude in. We got the other run on a double play ball. Man, games like this make me see how pathetic we really are. I mean, it’s the Pirates. We’re supposed to beat them. But we won’t get 100 losses. And that’s a relief. That’s hope. This off-season is going to be very busy, unlike last year. We will be making moves, trying to get better. Let’s just hope it helps.

Tonight, in game 161, Chris Young will throw. Last Saturday he got his first major league homer. GO PADRES!!    

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