Spoiling the Party

  • 7-5 Padres

Last night was a game of cat and mouse. The Dodgers are the cat: bigger, stronger, and dominant. But the Padres are the mouse: small, pathetic, but faster and smarter than the cat. And, as the game usually goes, the cat is chasing the mouse. I know that the Dodgers dominated us all season, let alone this series, so my little analogy is only applicable to this particular game. In the first, Brian Giles hit a 2-run homer to give us the early lead. We added to that in the 5th. Nick Hundley doubled, and Will Venable singled him in. Luis Rodriguez gave us one more with a single. In the bottom of the 5th, Jake struggled. He had thrown 53 pitches going into the inning, and he came out with 53 more. He allowed a double, followed by a walk. Two outs later, a run came in. After a walk, Jake threw a wild pitch to bring in another run. Jake walked two more guys, the second with the bases loaded. But he was able to finish the inning with a fly-out. In the top of the 6th, Adrian hit his 36th homer of the season. The Dodgers answered with one of their own in the bottom half. When we scored in the eighth, so did they. With ths score 6-5 Padres, Matt Antonelli doubled in the top of the 9th. Drew Macias sac-bunted him over, and Will Venable sac-flied him in. Trevor gave a leadoff walk in the bottom 9, but a double play took care of that. A groundout to short ended the game. Trev got his 29th save of the season, Jake got his 10th win. Earlier in the day, Arizona lost, which gave the Dodgers the West. As a result, Greg Maddux’s start was moved to Saturday. So in this game, the Dodgers kept coming back. Whenever we scored a run, they were chasing us. But the mouse escaped. The cat couldn’t keep up this time, but it is the stronger creature. The cat is going to the playoffs. The mouse will sit at home and try to build up strength. It was a great game for the Padres. 

Tonight we are home for our last series of the year. We will be playing the Pirates. It will be Ian Snell vs. Josh Geer. In order to lose 100 games, we would have to be swept. Uhhhh, not going to happen. Hopefully the Padres can have a good weekend to finish up. I can’t believe the season is almost over!! GO PADRES!!! 

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