Not On My Watch

  • 12-4 Dodgers

We can’t beat the Dodgers. Not now. They are locked right now, and no one but Jake Peavy will be able to stop them. But for a summary of this game, I will point to an entry I wrote on September the third, Ping-Pong with the Padres. It was a game extremely similar to this one, same team, same Dodgers pitcher. Today we have to win. Today the dive-bombing Diamondbacks have to win. The Dodgers are going to get at least a tie for the NL West. But they can clinch it this weekend, against the Giants. As Jake said, “Not on my watch.” You know, I really don’t like the Dodgers. They make me sick, especially that long-haired guy. We aren’t going to the postseason, but today’s game sure feels like a playoff game. We’re desperate to just keep the Dodgers out, and they are, well, they’re pounding their way through. Jake Peavy vs. Greg Maddux. It’s going to be a battle. Let’s hope the Padres can come out on top. GO PADRES!!

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