The Beginning of the End

  • 10-1 Dodgers

The sad, sad story of this game is Wade LeBlanc. Everyone could see it. The fans, the broadcasters, the coaches and managers, but no one saw it better than the Dodgers hitters. Wade LeBlanc had nothing. Absolutely nothing. He doesn’t have a fast fastball in the first place, and when it wasn’t working with the change-up, disaster struck. LA was able to score about 6 runs in the first before they made an out. When Charlie Haegar finally replaced him in the third, things didn’t get much better. Haegar was able to bog through 2 innings, but not without giving up three runs. It was 10-1 by now, and we were done. We did have 12 hits, but we left 10 on. Chase Headley had three hits. Edgar Gonzalez had two hits and drove in our run. Edgar has been really hot, so he’s been getting playing time. This last weekend, we faced the Nationals, a failing team with not much energy. But going into LA, the atmosphere was so different that I think we got shell-shocked. The LA fans are going crazy up there. The energy is just bizarre. It scared me just listening to it on the radio. But I also heard a lot of Padres fans, chanting, “Let’s go Padres, let’s go!” It is great that we have some supporters up there. Now, the Padres need to get down to business. They don’t have a hitting coach, but they need to find a way to get this done. We need to be spoilers and win the next two games. I would love to spoil the Dodgers chances, but more than that, this team NEEDS to end on a good note. So, Shawn Estes, it’s up to you. Tomorrow we’ve got Jake, the father of Jacob, Wyatt, and Judson Lee. We can do this. GO PADRES!!    

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