Slammed Down

  • 10-3 Rockies

Taking a knuckleballer onto a team can be a huge risk. And in the case of the Padres, it has been almost deadly. A knuckleballer is either going to have the knuckler working or not. So far, Charlie Haegar doesn’t have that unique pitch working for the Padres. In his first stint on Saturday, he strugged enough to put us away for good. Last night, he walked three straight batters. Then he gave up a grand slam to Chris Iannetta. Yep, it was a hanging knuckleball. That made the score 10-2. I don’t like this guy. If he can’t pitch effectively, why is he here? I can now see why the White Sox got rid of him. With his latest failed outing, he helped us move to within 6 games of the 100-loss mark. Shawn Estes was bad. Our pitching has given up two grand slams in two games. That is very odd, but this bullpen has stunk. But the positive of this game has got to be Adrian Gonzalez yet again. In the top of the first, he hit a 2-run homer to give us our only lead. He is ON FIRE and he loves to hit in Coors Field. Another positive would be the defense. It has been incredible. Kouz is getting better at third daily. Seriously, he is becoming superb over there. Sean Kazmar came in to play shortstop, and made an incredible stop. He didn’t get a double play on it, but he should have. On an extreme negative, Luis Rodriguez hurt his arm. It is extremely unfortunate. Also, Bardo will be out for the remaining few weeks with the same strain as last time. Man, we are so injury-plagued! Hopefully Josh Geer can get it together this afternoon. GO PADRES!!   

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