Defeating the Giants

  •  11-3 Padres

The ballpark was alive last night. Me and my buddies got to Petco around 6:00. Unfortunately, we missed Padres BP. We watched the end of Giants BP, which was blah. The Giants were not very exciting. When BP ended, we made our way to the Beach, where IMG_0986.JPGwe had tickets. Soon we started getting hyper as Padres players made their way onto the field. Nick Hundley walked out towards the bullpen and put his catching gear down. Then he started running back and forth right in front of us. It was really funny because we were just staring at him as he ran. Finally, he was like, “Hey, how’s it going?” We were like,”GREAT!” and he was like,”Good.” and then he walked back to his gear. He made sure he had our attention and threw us a ball. It is so cool!! My second Major League baseball, thrown by Nick Hundley!! Thanks, Nick!

A little while later, a bunch of Navy people walked onto the field with the enormous American flag. There was a moment of silence, then the flag was spread out as the National Anthem was played. It was realIMG_1019.JPGly neat, and a great tribute to 9/11. About 10 minutes later, the game began. Josh Geer gave up a run the first, but he was just settling in. He got saved by Will Venable, who absolutely robbed a home run. He caught the ball just as it was about to go over the wall. In the bottom of the first, we attacked. Venable led off with double, followed by a single from Luis Rodriguez. Brian Giles singled in Venable. Then Adrian came up. Before Monday, Gonzo had gone a month without a homer. Now he’s really heating up. With a count of 2-1, Adrian slammed the ball to right field for his 30th homer and RBIs 100, 101, and 102 of the year. After Matt Cain was able to get two outs, Nick Hundley singled and Matt Antonelli doubled him in for our 5th run of the inning. After that, Josh Geer was locked in. He did not allow another run until the 6th. On the offense side, we were pounding. In the third, Drew Macias got his first major league homer and hit, which made the score 6-1. Cain left after 3 and 1/3 innings, and he was not happy about it. The really cool part about it was that Cain has dominated us at Petco. But last night we got to him and sent him packing quickly. The Giants bullpen was OK, until the 7th. Our big bomber, Adrian Gonzalez, widened the gap with yet another homer, this time to left field. In the bottom of the eighth, we struck again. Antonelli started with a single.
IMG_1077.JPG Then the other Gonzalez Brother, Edgar, came to the plate as a pinch hitter. On the first pitch, he homered to deep left field. One out later, Rodriguez doubled and Giles doubled him in. That was followed by a walk and a single to drive in another run. So, it’s 11-2 Padres. During this inning, something strange happened in the bullpen. From the Beach, you can see into the bullpen, even though the batting practice cage is between the two. We were standing near the fence when a ball rolled across the top of the wall and fell right next to my friend. Clay Hensley was warming up with Luke Carlin catching him. We thought that maybe Clay threw wildly, and the ball went off of Luke’s glove and onto the wall, but we’re not sure. But we got a ball, and it is really cool. So Clay pitched the top of the 9th. He did give up a run, but I missed it. The game ended when Venable made another great play in center. I’m telling you, the outfield defense, particulary by Venable and Macias, was stellar. It was just amazing. Luis Rodriguez has a great glove at shortstop as well. Kouz got the day off, but Chase Headley played third. He did OK, but he did not have a good night at the plate. So, I told you that the ballpark was alive. With 30,497 fans, we really enjoyed the night at the park. The Padres, even though eliminated, played a GREAT game, and it was a really fun. Well, the Padres were also alive. Pounding out 11 runs on 17 hits, they were unstoppable. They were smiling a lot, joking around. Immediately after the game, the relievers ran out of the bullpen. Trevor was goofing off with a few of the other guys. One of the relievers tackled another one of his fellow relievers. The team was excited and exciting. It seems like the mood is very light consisdering how the season has gone. Walking around the ballpark after the game, all the Padres fans were excited, too. So, Josh Geer (2-0) got the win and Matt Cain (8-12) got the loss. Matt Antonelli got his first major league RBI. This was my first game on the Beach and I absolutely loved it. It’s field level, and you could catch a home run ball or be on TV. Plus, it’s pretty cheap. I would highly recommend the Beach. This was an amazing game. Tonight is Jake Peavy vs. Jonathan Sanchez on Country Night at Petco. How appropriate! Well, GO PADRES!!


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