The Long-Haired One Wins

  • 7-2 Dodgers

I don’t like to talk about Manny Ramirez, I really don’t. So I will say this: he won the game last night. Hitting two 2-run homers and striking out against Mike Ekstorm is a good night’s work. Shawn Estes was not good at all, and we lose the series. Tonight I am going to the game. We are playing the Giants. It will be Josh Geer vs. Matt Cain. It will be very fun, even thought the Padres are BAD. I am very excited. In other more interesting Padres news, we picked up Charlie Haeger yesterday. He is a knuckleballer, which will be very interesting in Petco Park. So, tonight will be an amazing game. I will have an entry up tomorrow with lots of pictures. GO PADRES!!


  1. stilldre16

    Kaybee, This was a great series, the Padres were producing runs in the first inning of each game, and Kouz was looking good. As for tonight, PLEASE play spoiler to the Giants… lol
    Keep up the good work

  2. mlbmark

    Hey, Kaybee, keep up the great blogging and congrats for being in the Fab 50. Commenting on other blogs and leaving your URL is always the best way to draw audience. BTW, note to you and to dodgerkids who commented above: always include the FULL URL (also the “http://”) so that it’s clickable and then any fan just click that and be right on your blog…some people won’t cut and paste otherwise. Also, everyone should post pictures of themselves as profile pics just in case we make more of those composite images of MLBloggers like we have on on a Friday morning. Padres might not be battling for a division title but you have the best weather. Have fun!


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