We Beat Maddux

  • cha sueng baek.jpg4-0 Padres

So, last night it was Greg Maddux vs. Cha Sueng Baek (pictured). Unlike last week, we got to Maddux early and we got him good. Brian Giles led off the game with a double. Greg was able to get two outs, but Adrian Overdue Gonzalez came to the plate. After fouling off a pitch, Adrian sent the ball to the opposite field and out. With a nice 2-0 lead, Baek got started. He didn’t allow a hit until the fourth, and gave up only 3 overall. He went 7 innings with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts while throwing 102 pitches. Meanwhile, Kouz hit a sac-fly in the 3rd to drive in our third run. He also singled in the winning run in the 5th. Heath Bell and Mike Adams finished the game with the help of some stunning defense. Baek finally won his first game at Petco. I’d say the best part of this game, besides us winning, of course, would be that we beat Greg. Sorry! NOT! The second best part is that Manny Ramirez struck out twice and did not get a hit. HA!

Tonight is Hiroki Kuroda vs. Wade LeBlanc. Ooo, I’m getting some deja vu! Oh, yeah, these guys faced each other last Wednesday. LeBlanc was bad. Kuroda was good enough. The tables turned yesterday, so they should turn again today. GO PADRES!! 


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