How Can He Do More?

  • 1-0 Brewers

On Saturday, we lost 1-0. Ben Sheets threw a complete game shut-out. Jake was incredible. He goes out there and gives the team a chance to win, but we have failed him so many times. He was so amazing, and yet he blames himself for the loss. Listen to this: “I am embarrassed. Nine and ten, no matter what, that’s embarrassing to me. I’m not going to finish (the season) with a losing record.” In Jake’s words, you can tell that he expects more of himself. He is going to go out there fighting for a win. He gave up 1 run for goodness sakes!! I know he expects a lot of himself, but how do you get better than 1 run in 7 innings? Complete game no-hit shutout every sixth day? He is doing his best. It’s his offense that is having problems. Luis Rodriguez had 3 hits. Chase Headley had 2. Except for a walk to Josh Bard, that was it. We had a few chances, but it wasn’t Jake who was embarrasing: it was his offense.


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