That Elusive Knock

  • 3-2 Brewers

In the 8th inning, Brian Giles hit a bomb off of the miserable Eric Gagne to tie the game. Thanks to some uncertain pitching, it barely stayed that way til the 11th. There, J.J. Hardy singled in Craig Counsell. GAME OVER. The really sad part of this game was our offense. We had 9 hits. In the last 4 innings we left 7 runners on. Look at that number. For any other team, they would have had a win in regulation. But we Padres fans are used to it. We were one hit away repeatedly. We couldn’t get the job done. But it wasn’t just us. The Brewers left a bunch of runners on as well. CC Sabathia and Josh Geer were great. Sabathia gave up one run, and Geer gave up two. The Padres are pathetic. OK, last night the Brewers threw their ace, and tonight we are throwing ours. Jake’s last start was Sunday, where he went 8 innings with 13 strikeouts. Unfortunately, he got a no-decision. The Brewers are throwing Ben Sheets. These two pitchers met on August 14. Peavy won, Sheets lost. Let’s see how it goes tonight. GO PADRES!!


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