Disappointments Galore

  • 6-4 Dodgers

So, we lost. We got swept. We were hitting. We had a lead. Whatever. Wade LeBlanc made his major league debut, and he did not know what he was doing. He struggled BIG time. We did have a 3-1 lead, but LeBlanc gave it up. The bullpen of Meredith, Adams, and Bell finished it. Bardo had 2 hits and drove in three. Chase had 3 hits. Will Venable had 2 hits. Kouz hit his 20th homer. But the Dodgers won it. They are 1 and a half games away from Arizona. Now we are limping into Milwaukee. In the past 3 games, we’ve had a pitcher coming of the DL, a guy who is failing, and a rookie. The starters went only 12 and 2/3’s innings. Our bullpen is dead. Tonight is Shawn Estes, who is also coming of the DL. We need bullpen help. BIG TIME. Here’s a negative thought for the day: the Padres have started every month this season (except the first one) with 2 losses. Kevin Towers in going to be talking to the 40 year-old Trevor Hoffman about next year. We stink!! GO PADRES!!


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