Invasion of the Rookies

Today is September 1, when the rosters expand. But yesterday, Tadahito Iguchi and Brett Tomko were told that they are going to be releasedmatt antonelli.jpg. In their places, second baseman Matt Antonelli and pitcher Wade LeBlanc will be called up. These moves were a shock to me. I don’t mind losing Tomko and Iguchi, but it is a complete surprise. And Matt Antonelli (pictured), there’s no way I expected this guy up here. Just yesterday, they were talking on the radio about how he is not ready for the majors. He’s been struggling in Triple-A. But maybe he will be better against major league pitching. What do the Padres have to lose? In fact, having Iguchi gone is a relief to me. I feel like, if Iguchi was going to play, Edgar would have to go. But now Antonelli’s the guy. Kevin Towers said, “I would imagine Antonelli is going to get a lot of playing time. That doesn’t mean Edgar won’t play, but we’re bringing Matt up to play.” So there you have it from the general manager himself. They aren’t bringing him up to sit on the bench. If Iguchi was here, Matt would be sitting on the bench. But it looks like Edgar will be the one left out. It’s sad for Edgar, but I am excited to see what Matt can do. With Chad Reineke and Dirk Hayhurst in the bullpen, we don’t need Tomko, though he was pretty good with us. This team is slowly being taken over by young guys, and they are getting the job done. Look at this past weekend. Guys like Luis Rodriguez, Nick Hundley, Will Venable, and Josh Geer were the heroes. Look at this team. We have a veteran and a rookie catching. The rookie is getting the majority of the time. We have a relatively young guy at first. 2 rookies at second, a rookie and a young-ish guy at short, and a second-year third baseman. We have 2 rookies and 2 veterans in the outfield. I am so excited to see what this young team can do. I feel like we can win with this team. And we have been able to. I am so excited about Padres baseball right now. We may not be going anywhere, but we’re playing well. I couldn’t ask for more.

Tonight is Chris Young vs. Greg Maddux. This is why I didn’t want to trade him, because I was sure he would come out and throw a complete game no-hit shutout against us. Well, on the other hand, we will probably bomb him. Either way, we will get to see Manny Ramirez as a Dodger for the first time. Looking at last week, we have been FEASTING on our NL West rivals. I think we should keep it going. BTW, here’s our new 6-man rotation starting today: Chris Young, Cha Sueng Baek, Wade LeBlanc, Shawn Estes, Josh Geer and Jake Peavy. GO PADRES! 



  1. stilldre16

    Well… Hundley got his first Major League hit @ Dodgers stadium Monday… got an error, and oh yeah …
    thank you for helping me with my blog
    good writing KayBee

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