It’s a Loss

  • 4-3 Giants

Barry Zito was amazing. Dirk Hayhurst only went 4 innings, 3 runs, 5 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts. He was very similar to Reineke last week. Even though allowing 4 walks, Clay Hensley had two scoreless innings. Mike Adams allowed the winning run, but otherwise was fairly solid. Chase drove in two of our runs. Jody drove in the other with a triple. This anemic offense had 4 hits. Not surprising, but still disappointing. Man, I don’t know what else I can say about this game. It was a good game, for the Giants. We haven’t won in a week. Will things get any better this season? How are we supposed to get through a another month of this? KT said he wasn’t going to watch that pathetic baseball for 3 more months. That was 2 months ago. Where is the better baseball? Maybe we’ve been playing better, but not good enough to win. How does KT think that bringing up Dirk Hayhurst of all people will help this club? Obviously, Hayhurst didn’t help today. Tomorrow is Josh Banks. Go Padres! 


  1. deansbaseballblog

    Kaybee, you have to face the fact that this season’s been over for the Padres since June. Every game was important last year at this time because they were in a divisional race. Of course, we’d all rather see our club win instead of losing. However, what’s important now is the further devlopment of players who may be part of this team next year…such as Jody Gerut, Chase Headley, Kevin Kouzmanoff, and Nick Hundley.

    Although there were several starting pitchers who could’ve been called up to start that game yesterday, the Padres chose Hayhurst because he’s expendable. He isn’t even a regular starter. They had to use a pitcher who was either already on their 40-man roster or one they didn’t have to worry about protecting in the off-season. Hayhurst isn’t part of their future plans. It’s all about business.

  2. Kaybee

    You’re right, Dean. I don’t know why I’ve been holding on this long, but I think last year had to do with it. The Game was so devistating (because I was extremely obsessed), and, as my blog is named, I wanted us to come back and win it all. But we’re not going to do that, and I have really stepped away from the Padres. They have been ruling my life, and I just can’t live if they are the center. I need God in the center of my wheel, and the Padres only a spoke. I really don’t know how the Padres became such a part of me, but I need them out so badly. This season has benefited me: because they are so bad, I have been able to let go. They are not ruling my life. I will still enjoy listening and reporting on games, but I am not obsessed. God has set me free, so I am free indeed.

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