Down the Drain

The Padres are not good. Some players can hit once in awhile, but the whole team is a mess. That’s pretty obvious. Since last Saturday, we have lost 5 games. We traded away the solid pitcher in our rotation. Jake misses him, and Greg doesn’t seem to be having a jolly time himself. But there is a purpose for this season. We get to audition the kids. Do you think that if we were on top of the NL West by 3 games that we would see Dirk Hayhurst up here? No way! Unless you follow the minors very closely, you have probably never heard of this guy. I hadn’t until yesterday. But he is going to make his major league debut today. In these “tests” we might find stars for our future. I really don’t think the Padres are going to be contending next year. There is too much to fix. But maybe 2010. We’ve got the talent. It’s coming. But until then, we will have to endure the frustrations. Go Padres! 


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