The Last 5 Days

On Saturday we won 8-3. It was a very well played game. The guys came from behind and were really hitting when it mattered. Chad Reineke made his first major league start, got his first major league win, hit, and RBI. He wasn’t the best (5 innings, 3 runs, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts) but he had a quality start. Mike Adams, Clay Hensley, Heath Bell, and  Brian Falkenborg were untouchable. They allowed 1 hit among them. It was a truly beautiful game. But then we lose the next 3 games. Cha Sueng Baek only gave up 2 runs,1 earned on Sunday. We lose 2-1. On Tuesday we fought back. In the 9th, we scored 3 runs and left the tying and winning runs on. We lost 7-6. On Wednesday, Jake got a 4-0 lead before taking the mound, but he allowed 6 runs, 5 earned. He was bad. But it is so sad because we are really hitting right now! We are hitting .400 with runners in scoring position. We rallied again, but not enough. We lost 8-6. The pitching is suffering right now. I think it’s because Greg is gone. Oh, yeah, on Tuesday Greg Maddux was traded. We really need him. But the Padres think we need 2 prospects instead. This team is going nowhere. I am really getting excited about next year. Hey, we’re 18 games behind and losing consistently. Why should I care anymore?

Tonight is Chad Reineke vs. Brandon Webb. HA! Sorry, I really don’t see a good game ahead for us. But who knows, maybe the Swinging Friars can hit the 18-4 ace. Go Padres!  

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