A Tribute to Maddog

Greg “Maddog” Maddux was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers on August 19th, 2008. He played for the Padres for a year and five months.

Greg, you were the master. You went out there every 5 days and did your job. You gave us so many chances to win, but we couldn’t take advantage of them. You should have had at least ten wins with us by now, and we let you down. But you didn’t care. You never thought about yourself, only the team. We Padres fans will never forget your 350th win. And I will not forget that tough night in Arizona, where you kept going, even though we didn’t have a chance to win. You took one for the team, for the bullpen. It’s hard, remembering your last start with us. You pitched like the Hall of Famer that you are. Maybe you knew that this was your last Friar start. You were spectacular, but we failed you again. Maddog, we will deeply miss your leadership and impact in the clubhouse. All the young pitchers learned so much from you. I will miss hearing your humbleness and humor in your postgame comments. I am so glad that you are with a contending team. You deserve to be in the postseason. I will be following all your starts. I wish you could have ended your career in San Diego. Thanks for all the memories and fun times. We miss you, Doggie.     


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  1. deansbaseballblog

    Hey, Kaybee. Although I’m talking a break from blogging for a while, I will continue to read yours and offer comments. Please keep it going!

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