Jake is Consistent

If you don’t like pitcher duels, you wouldn’t have enjoyed yesterday’s game. I’m not really sure what I prefer since I don’t watch many games. But what I do know is that I genuinely enjoyed the pitcher’s duel. I loved seeing Jake shutting down the Brewers, and though I didn’t like us going down quickly, the dominance of the pitcher was cool to see. The way Jake was pitching, you knew he wasn’t going to give up much. But you knew the same thing about Ben Sheets. I got really caught up in the game. I didn’t look at the clock until 2 hours into the game! I didn’t really think about the Brewers run. I didn’t really think about the fact that we were losing. Suddenly it was the 7th inning stretch, and I got a little offense in the bottom of the 7th. I’ve always wanted to go to a game where it’s a close, low-scoring game, but where the Padres get just a few runs and Trev saves it. That happened yesterday. 5 hits and 3 runs in an inning. Just enough. I have been to big, sometimes back-and-forth games. 8-6, 11-0. Those were great, but I think I like a slower, more controlled game. Those games where you just know that the other team won’t score much. I knew that Heath and Trev would be lights out. So I like pitcher’s duels. Besides, a pitcher’s duel means just a few runs score. And few runs means a save situation, which means Trevor Time.  CY went back on the DL yesterday. Losing him again is tough. Our pitching is having enough problems. The question is, who will replace him? Brett Tomko or Brian Falkenborg are options. Or will the Padres bring up a Wade LeBlanc or a Steve Garrison to see what they can do? The way the season has gone, the Padres have nothing left to lose, besides games. They might as well look to their future. Tonight is Maddux vs. Moyer. Why were people griping about not having a Peavy-Sabathia matchup? This one tonight will be a classic. GO PADRES! 


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