A Pitcher’s Duel


3-2 Padres

  • 30,145
  • 2:25

TREVORTIMEThis was an amazing day. The game was all I hoped it would be. I got to Petco around 11:00. I went down to the field level, where Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, and Justin Hampson were signing autographs. Collecting autographs is a tough job, man. Just because you call a player by his first name doesn’t mean he will acknowledge you. There were a lot of kids crowding the players, and I felt bad for the adults. Anyway, I got Heath and Justin. The game was just beautiful. Jake and Sheets were very good. All the hitters were very quiet until the 7th. Now, I must take a moment on Mike Cameron. I miss the guy, I really do, and I wish he was here. I was excited about seeing him. But then he made a catch that only a guy who knows Petco Park can make. I was not happy. Of course, he drove in both the Brewers runs, including a homer against Trev. So, thanks for the two years, Cami. But stop doing well against us!! The big inning was the 7th. The Brewers got a run off of Jake on a single to left. Chase made a great throw, but the runner crossed home safely. In the bottom half, Kouz singled and Chase doubled. Iguchi drove in the tying run. We got another run on a sac fly by Brian Myrow. Jody singled in our third run. A few batters later, on a wild pitch, Jody came in and collided with the covering pitcher. Somehow, Jody didn’t touch the plate. So he got tagged out as he was walking back to the dugout. It was a weird play. I was really excited because it was a save situation. I had never seen Trevor Time before this game. Heath did great in his 8th. Kouz doubled, but Chase ended the 8th. I will probably never say this again, but I wanted Chase to end the inning. It was a save situation, and Trev would be fine with a 2-run lead. So in comes Trevor. I was so excited. My goal for this game had been to see Trevor Time. I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time. I’ve watched a lot of video, and I’ve seen Trev around the ballpark. But I had never been there. Then, there I was, finally watching Trev pitch. It was amazing. The energy from the crowd was huge. The bells and the song were perfect. Hoffy got the first batter out on three pitches. Then Cami came up and hit a homer. No problem, the score is 3-2. The third guy flew out. The last man grounded to short, and we won. Trev got his 550th save. All I can say is, WOW. Chase went 2-for-3. Kouz had 2 hits. This is kind of random, but I noticed that Kouz did not make a play at third. I LOVE LUKE CARLIN!!!! He doesn’t hit much, but he is an amazing catcher. He threw out Cami, who was trying to steal. It was an absolutely beautiful throw. Jake was great. He went 7 innings, 4 hits, a run, 8 K’s. He threw a lot of pitches, though. It was great for me to get out there. I’ve got sunburn, my throat is sore, and I have bruises on my hands, but it’s all good. It was a beautiful game.     heath bellHeath

jake pitching

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