Sometimes We Win…


  • 4-2 Padres

Our wins have been coming few and far between, but they have been quality, well-played games. Tonight we hit just enough, and the pitching was mightily improved from last night’s. Jody Gerut hit the first pitch of the game for a home run. Two batters later, Brian Giles hit a bomb to extend the lead we held the whole game. Cha Sueng Baek did really well. He wasn’t perfect, but it was a great start for him. He gave up 2 runs on 5 hits. Mike Adams came in and got two outs. Heath pitched an inning. Then Trevor went 1-2-3 for his 528th save, 24th of the season. He has saved our last 8 wins!! I want to talk about Jody Gerut. He has done so well for us. He has 8 homers, and it seems to me that they were all in essential and/or big situations. Like last night’s game. And the 15-8 win over Colorado. He also has 3 leadoff home runs. He has been perfect in the field. Even though he has 2 errors, the runs he has saved far outnumber the runs he could have allowed. It is so great to have him here. I admit, I am not too excited about having Luis Rodriguez play shortstop every day. But today, he went 2-for-4 with a double and a single. He also got robbed on a great play by David Wright at third. He made three beautiful plays at short. So I might get more comfortable with him if he stays solid. I am worried about Edgar Gonzalez. He went 0-for-2 with two walks tonight, but he made two errors. He is definitely in a slump, and I think it’s in his head. Hopefully he can break out soon. Khalil is going to have his hand checked out tomorrow. We have an early game tomorrow. 9:10 a.m. is first pitch, with Josh Banks vs. Johan Santana. I am getting excited because I am going to a game a week from tomorrow. If the rotation stays the same, I’ll get Jake Peavy!! Even though the Padres are horrible most of the time, I am really excited to get out to the ballpark. Go Padres!     


  1. Kaybee

    Bad news. According to Fox Sports, Brian Giles has been claimed off waivers. I don’t really understand waivers, and I didn’t know how Giles was even on waivers, but it sounds like the Padres want a trade. We will know more in the next 48 hours. If we can’t work out a deal, we get him back. I REALLY don’t want Giles to leave. We need him! We’ll see what happens. STAY, GILLIES!

  2. deansbaseballblog

    I feel your pain, Kaybee. However, the Padres will save a boatload of cash if they let him go. The money can be used to sign a power hitter or a speedier center fielder next year. I don’t believe that Giles is part of their future plans. In Jody Gerut, they have a younger and less expensive option for right field. And, Gerut is putting up similar numbers right now.

  3. Kaybee

    The Union Tribune is reporting that the Red Sox have claimed Giles. It seems strange that Boston would need another outfielder, but I am warming up to this possible trade. Boston has a ton of young talent, and I would love to see any of their guys here. But there’s nothing we can do but speculate for now. Hopefully we will get more news after the game.

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