July Gloom

  • 7-3 Arizona

 It was pathetic. We did have leads in this game, but we gave up. Our good defense has disappeared. We had 7 errors in three games! It is really discouraging when your team goes out there and doesn’t try. We did get put up against some incredible pitchers. Arizona is a very good team. They deserve to be in 1st,  just as we deserve to be 14 games behind them. In 5 innings we went down in order, including the last 4 innings. According to John Kentera and Ernie Martinez on the postgame show, it seemed like some of the guys weren’t into the game mentally. Thankfully, we have an off-day where the guys can get themselves back together. Hopefully we can beat up on the Giants this weekend. Right. Well, we’ll see. Trade deadline is midnight tonight, but Sandy Alderson said not to expect much, if anything. I have a few more discouraging notes about the Padres’ July: We stole 1 base in July. Actually, Greg Maddux did. We were 9-16. All year, we have scored 414 runs. Our opponents have scored 524 against us. Let us hope for a better August. Go Padres!  


One comment

  1. deansbaseballblog

    John and Ernie were right. I was at that game and did not like what I witnessed. The Padres really need to do something about their pitching staff.

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