Greene Blues

Last night Khalil Greene was frustrated. After a painful foul-off-the-shin and strikeout, Khalil went down the tunnel and punched a storage box with his left hand. He fractured the thing that has given his season some worth. His glove hand. He might miss the rest of the season. I think this will be good for Khalil. To step back, rest. It wasn’t good that he hurt himself, but I am so glad that he showed his emotion and talked to the press about his struggles. There is a really good article in the Union-Tribune about last night called Punch out for Maddux, Greene? by Tom Krasovic. It was well written and showed Khalil’s situation really well. I think he will benefit from this setback. Meanwhile, Maddux stays with the Padres for now. The biggest trade of the day was Manny Ramirez going to the Dodgers. I can still hardly believe it. But he seems like a perfect fit for the city of LA. I think the Dodgers will win the West. It will be interesting, playing against the Dodgers. What will Boston do without him? So, bad news about Khalil, but hopefully this will help him eventually. Luis Rodriguez is our shortstop now. Maybe we can make a trade for a solid shortstop, though. Tommorow it’s Banks vs. Lincecum. Hopefully we can find our bats and our gloves. Go Padres!   

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