We only got 2 hits…

  • 3-0 Arizona

It was so exciting. It seemed so promising, so hopeful. In that game-deciding 8th, Chase Headley singled for our second hit and second baserunner of the game. Then Khalil Greene and Josh Bard walked, and what do you know, the potential winning run is at the plate. With two outs, granted, but this seems like our inning. The tallest pitcher in baseball comes in, with Jody Gerut at the plate. The crowd is full of energy, anticipating, like all of us, a big inning. When the first pitch almost sails to the backstop, the energy intensifies. But maybe we’re getting too excited. You’ve got to be careful with baseball. It will break your heart in a moment. Last night, were we too hopeful? The second pitch, Gerut crushes it to right field. The way Ted Leightner called it, I thought it was gone. The emotions were so high. I thought we had a lead, a late rally. It had to be gone! But the baseball was in the glove of Alex Romero, the right fielder. No way. It is horrible to be so high on hope and have that hope slammed to the ground. That catch by Romero probably is the best in MLB all year. Most would call it a lucky catch. But I know better. It was providence. As a Christian, I know that every single thing that happens on this Earth is in God’s control. Romero wouldn’t have been able to make that catch in his own strength. It was a tough game. We were humiliated for six and two- thirds innings, not getting a baserunner against Doug Davis. He was extremely good. I’m glad for him, you know, with all he’s been through this year. CY was great, too. 8 K’s in 5 innings. Hensley was the one who got touched up. So, we are back to 13 games behind. One thing that I’m wondering about is why did Hundley catch last night? Young might have been more comfortable working with a guy (Bard) he knows. Hmm. Well, Cha Sueng Baek tonight. Go Padres!    


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