Beat AZ!

 In the first game of this three game series, Greg Maddux pitched…and won. He now finally, FINALLY, has his 351st win. Congratulations, Greg! In this game, Khalil hit a 2-run homer and Hundley slammed a 3-runner. Kouz had a 2-run single and Gerut drove one in with a double. Arizona had more hits than us (7-12), but we came through. The pitching wasn’t the best tonight. Maddux only went 5 innings, giving up 4 runs. Ledezma, Hensley, and Adams were good. Heath got himself into another bases loaded jam, but he got out of it. Corey hasn’t been as good lately. He allowed another run to make it a save situation, so Trev had to come in. Hoffy got one out, then Mark Reynolds, who had never faced Trev, swung first pitch and sent it to left to end the game. It was pretty chill. Now we’ve won 4 games in a row. Trev has saved our last 5 wins. I think he will have tomorrow night off no matter what. An interesting thing in this game was when Maddux left the field. Usually he just walks into the dugout, but tonight he lifted his cap to the crowd. This could be Maddux’s last days in San Diego. I really don’t want him to go to LA, ’cause he would probably get a complete game shutout against us. Now that he’s finally won 351, will people’s thinking change? The Padres can get him wins, obviously. But I think he will most likely be traded. Well, CY’s pitching tomorrow night. I am so glad he’s back! Hopefully he can “begin again” with a win. Go Padres! 


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