We Can Hit!

In an amazing turn of events, our Padres have won 3 games in a row. And it turns out, our guys can hit. On Saturday, we hit 4 home runs with 12 hits overall. Kouz and Adrian had huge 3-run blasts. Nick Hundley got his first major league home run. Adrian added a second homer later that night. We won 9-6. Trevor came in with two outs and a runner on and threw a pitch to clinch his 20th save of the year. He now has 14 consecutive 20+ save seasons. On Sunday, we got carried by Bard and Peavy. Bard had a RBI single and a solo homer. Scotty hit his 17th homer of the year. Peavy went 7 strong, giving up a run and 4 hits with 10 strikeouts. Trev saved it and we won 3-1. The bullpen has not been perfect, but they are getting the job done. Mike Adams has been an unsung hero. He has been really good since he came up. He has a 1.98 ERA over 36.1 innings. WOW! We are 13 games behind, but who cares? We’re WINNING! This is what I’ve been talking about. I really don’t mind that we’re 13 games back, because we’re winning. Hey, we have won 3 games in a row and we haven’t moved anywhere! But winning feels great, doesn’t it? There is still hope for a fun season. No matter what happens, I will enjoy the good Padres games. And who knows? This season might have some worth after all. GO MADDUX AND GO PADRES!

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