Go Bullpen!

I’m back! So far, the Padres have lost every day except Monday and Friday this week. Both wins Trevor saved. I guess you could say that we’ve been hitting. We’ve had a few blown leads. Kouz, Scotty, Gonzo, and Gerut have had home runs this week. One of the most exciting things for me is thet Joe Thatcher got sent down!!!! That totally made my day. Carlin also got sent down. He was a good catcher, but some more time in the minors will do him good. Besides, his demotion means that Bardo got activated and played last night. Josh’s first AB? RBI single. He had never caught Cha Seung Baek, and Baek was not the best, but we hit last night. Trev saves it 1-2-3 to get his 543rd on the 10th anniversary of Hell’s Bells. Speaking of bells, Heath Bell had a tough night. He allowed two singles and a hit-batsman to load the bases with no outs. Then he went strikeout, fly ball to shallow center, walk to drive in a run (6-5 Padres now) and pop to shortstop. Bad news, though, is that Wil Ledezma is back. But Chris Young is coming back on Tuesday! Randy Wolf got traded to the Astros. We got a minor league pitcher. Mike Adams was really good last night. Hopefully Josh Banks can do well tonight. Go Padres!  

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