We’ll miss you, TC!

As we could see last night, our pinch-hitters did not come through. Brian Myrow had the tying run at 2nd with no outs. He struck out. We could not score the run. Not to say that Tony Clark would have got a hit, but he probably would have had a better chance. When I first saw that Tony had been traded, I instantly thought about how it would affect the club. But there are some personal things that make me disoppointed with this trade. My friends and I made up a chant for him while we were watching a game on TV once. Now we won’t ever be able to use it at a game. We went to an event where Kouz and Tony signed autographs. Tony was really nice, really friendly. So I have a Tony Clark autograph from when he was a Padre. Is it more valuable now? Basically, I am not very happy with this trade. Chris Young did very well in his rehab stint. He started the game with 10 straight strikes. He will probably do another stint before coming up. Bardo is also progressing. Clay Hensley came up today! Now, if only Thatcher would go down. Strange game going on right now. Both team’s pitching is weak and both team’s hitting is strong. It’s 7-6 in the 6th. Hopefully this goes our way… Go Padres!  

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