2008 All-Star Game

In an event revolving around MLB’s biggest and best hitters, you would think the All-Star game would be a slugfest. That’s the Home Run Derby. But not the All-Star game. No, this year’s Midsummer Classic was a pitcher’s duel. Oh, sure, the offense did help out a little, but the story of this game was the pitching. In a crazy game that lasted 15 innings, 11 NL pitchers gave up 4 runs and 12 AL pitchers gave up 3 runs. Remember, these are starters and closers-no long-relief or setup guys. Matt Holliday went deep in the 5th to give the NL its first lead. The NL added another run, but J.D Drew of the Red Sox tied it with a two-run homer. Our boy Adrian Gonzalez sac-flied to make it 3-2 NL. The AL tied it, so we went on and on and on to the 15th. The AL finally won it early Wednesday morning, 4-3. This game really reminded me of the way the Padres have been playing. Leaving runners in scoring position with less than two outs ( 28 total left on), unable to catch base-stealers (2 out of 9 caught total), fighting back but not hard enough, and extra innings. I can totally see Adrian walking in the dugout in the 13th: “Come on guys, this is nothing! We aren’t even to the 22nd yet!” In fact, after the game, Adrian said, “It was like a Padre game.” Adrian entered in the 6th and stayed the rest of the way. The defense was pretty good. Dan Uggla made 3 errors, though. But Adrian made an amazing play that saved the game for the moment. A huge part of this game was base stealing. It was like CY was pitching. Russell Martin was very busy trying to throw out baserunners. But like I said, the story of this game is the pitching. The NL got out of so many jams! Tons of runners in scoring position and only 4 scored. It was amazing. The pitching and the defense, working together, were able to work their way out of some major problems. But like the Padres, the NL finally gave up the lead in the 15th. It was a wonderful but disappointing game.  


  1. deansbaseballblog

    Adrian certainly didn’t do anything to embarrass himself or the Padres. He did, however, blow an opportunity to be the MVP when he whiffed against Sherrill with the bases loaded.

    It’ll never happen, but I’d like to see Russell Martin in a Padre uniform.

  2. Kaybee

    It was a cool game for Adrian, except for the bases loaded thing. But we Padres fans are used to that, aren’t we? It would be amazing to have a catcher who can catch, run, throw, and hit. But the Dodgers are not going to move Martin anywhere. Thanks for your comments!

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