Padres vs. Marlins: Game 2 Recap/WOW!

It all started with a man named Scott Hairston. This man is a very hot man: he led off the Padres’ 1st with a double. The Padres were already down 1-0, so he decided to change that. The rest of the guys were thinking the same way. Soon, Chase Headley stood at the plate with the bases loaded and 1 out.. He threaded a ball way out to left for a bases-loaded bases-clearing double. And that was just the beginning. Randy Wolf was very good, going 7 innings and allowing 1 run and 5 hits. He was shaky, but he came through. Meanwhile, the Padres kept hitting. In the 6th, they batted around and threw 5 more runs out there. Scotty hit a 3- run homer. In the 7th, Brian Myrow came up for his first major league AB this season. He worked the count before hitting his first major league homer. Joe Thatcher and Cla Meredth survived scoreless innings, and we won 10-1. HA! Oh, man, I can’t say enough about Scott Hairston. The dude is seriously ON FIRE.  He is so hot that there’s no way he can stay out of the lineup. He had 2 doubles and a homer. He also hit 2 balls super deep to left that unfortunately were caught by the dwadling left fielder. On one of them, Scotty thought it was gone. This guy must have caught fire in the desert heat. He has 14 home runs. That’s 3 more than Kouz!! It would strongly warn the Braves about this guy.  They’re going to have to pitch around this guy. If they don’t, he’s going to light them up. WOW.  The entire lineup did extremely well.  All this young talent is really helping. I hope Giles is healing up. But frankly, I would rather be watching Chip Ambres. I love the look of this all-new ballclub! Go Padres!


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