Padres vs. Marlins: Game 1 Recap/ARRGGHH!

What is Greg Maddux doing here? The guy gives up 2 runs on 3 hits and gets the loss. That is just sick. It’s the same old story for his offense. 5 hits, 3 left on.They didn’t get many on tonight. We only had 2 blown scoring situations. We fans are so sick of this. Khalil is in a slump that he doesn’t seem to be able to break out of. Kouz had 2 hits, which is a small comfort. Chase hit his fifth homer of the season. Bryan Corey and Cla Meredith were not good, but they survived. We were horrible tonight. Buddy Black was able to convince the umpires to reverse a call. Some Marlin hit a ball down the left field line. Kouz and Chase couldn’t get it, and a runner “scored”. But Bud asked the third base umpire to get help, and they reversed the call. The “hit” was changed to a foul ball, and we got out of the inning. I kept score for the first time today. It was fun! Well, keep the faith, Padres fans. Hopefully we can start playing better ball soon! Go Padres!


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