Padres vs. Diamondbacks:Game 3 Recap

We come into Arizona 10 games behind,and we leave 9 games behind. But we did take 2 out of three. Yesterday’s game was one of those “Runner in scoring postion with no outs and he stays there” games. It was nasty. Giles needs to work the count. He’s been swinging first pitch like crazy. On the positive side, Scott Hairston hit his 3rd home run in two games. The dude can hit if he gets a chance. Kouz had 2 hits. Headley ended his streak. Josh Banks wasn’t that bad. He started to lose it in the later innings though. Randy Johnson was amazing. We struck out 14 times. Adrian is going to the All-Star game!! As a reserve, naturally, but he’s still going. The starters for the AL consist of 4 Red Sox, 2 Yankees, a Twin, a Ranger, and a Mariner. The Cubs have 3 starting players going. Baseball is so unfair. C.C. Sabathia got traded to the Brewers today. Go Padres! 

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