Padres vs. Diamondbacks: Game 1 Recap/Great Game!

We won 5-1! Cha Seung Baek pitched incredibly. He had a no-hitter going until the 6th. Wow, he was good. We hit really well, pounding out 11 hits. We played classic baseball. In the sixth, we went single, single, ground-out which produced a run, sac fly. Then Baek’s no-hitter was erased with a double by Stephen Drew. Justin Upton then singled to left, but Chase Headley threw Drew out at the plate. It was beautiful. Arizona got a run in the 7th, but we got three more in the last 2 innings, and we won!!!! Baek got his first major league hit. Kouz had 2 hits and drove in a run. We just hit really well tonight. Nick Hundley got his first major league strikeout and hit out of the way. He did really well behind the plate. I’m excited about this guy. I think a pitcher’s performance is connected to his catcher. If you think about it, the catcher is the one who’s in charge of the pitcher. The catcher is calling the pitches, studying the hitters, telling the pitcher what to do. The catcher is my favorite position. I have so much respect for catchers. They have to be physically tough, able to squat for long periods of time.  They have to catch balls zipping in at 70-100 miles an hour. And most of them are not coming in straight. They have to know every single hitter, how they hit and how to get them out. They are thinking so much. Plus, they need to be counselors to their pitchers. They are sort of the “leader” of the field. Catchers have so much responsibility, it’s no wonder most of them are not good hitters. If the catcher is doing well, his pitcher should be doing well. So I like to think that Baek’s success was partly because of Hundley. Great game, Padres! On a 4th of July note, my sister used to think the National Anthem ended with, “…o’er the land of the free, and the home of the Padres.”    


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