Padres vs. Rockies: Game 3 Recap/Possible Moves

We lost 8-1. Oh, well. Positives? Chase hit his 4th homer in 2 weeks. The bullpen was solid again, giving up only one run. Chase did get hit-by-pitch in the wrist, but he should be fine. Michael Barrett fouled a ball off his nose. He will probably go on the DL. For the rest of the game we had Carlin and Edgar avaliable for catchers. Luke caught the rest of the game, but what if he had been hurt? You would have to put Edgar at catcher, and McAnulty at second. Tony Clark would be your only pitch-hitter. Moves have got to be made today. I think Barrett will go on the DL, and Nick Hundley will be called up from Triple-A. Luis Rodriguez will very likely be called up, too. We need infielders. Hopefully a pitcher will get sent down. Brett Tomko is having some soreness in his arm. Not good! I should think that Randy Wolf won’t be around much longer. He can’t find home plate and he’s getting bombed. Yorvit Torrealba, a Rockies catcher, wants out of Colorado. Maybe the Padres will be interested in him. Josh Bard is still a couple weeks away. If Hundley comes up, we’ll have a Double-A catcher and a Triple-A catcher. But I would be excited to see Nick up here. More young talent! Meanwhile, Arizona continues their downfall. So, amazingly, we stay only 9 and a half games back. I love this: Arizona has a losing record!! The NL West is an absolute joke right now. Every team is under .500! Maybe we can pound the Diamondbacks this weekend. That’ll be fun. Today is an off-day. I hate off-days, but the Padres need it. Go Padres!


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