Padres vs. Rockies: Game 2 Recap/Ridiculous Baseball

One night you love them, the next night you hate them. After the best win of the year, a 22- hit, 15-run bombing, the Padres go back out and play like they did in the eight-game losing streak. I am so mad at them right now (notice the them). Tonight we get 5 hits and make another error. Here’s the part that’s killing me: Aaron Cook, the Rockies pitcher, threw a complete game. But that’s not all. He did it with 79 pitches. I am devistated. This is not Padres baseball. You cannnot let the opposing pitcher go out there and throw only 79 pitches. That is absolutely unacceptable. It is so pathetic!! What can I say? We did so amazingly well last night!! Now we get shutout 4-0. How are we supposed to love our team if it seems like they don’t care? I am going to try very hard to put this one behind me. We’d better win this series. You know, a performance like this makes me really ashamed to be a Padres fan. But I’ll stick by them if they give me a worthwhile performance tomorrow night. I need them to show me that they care. Go Padres! 


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  1. deansbaseballblog

    I especially agree with your last comment. There are times when it appears that they don’t care. While we all want them to show more fire, rest assured that these guys really do care. None of them like losing. They’re also aware that the club will more than likely be broken up before the end of this month. Therefore, some of them must be worried about their futures. As fans, all we can hope for is good baseball.

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