Padres vs. Rockies: Game 1 Preview

Dragging an eight-game losing streak with us, we might try to get Maddog his 351st win in Colorado tonight. Interleague killed us. I am so glad to be back in the National League!! The last time the Padres were in Coors Field, it was October 1,2007. Exactly 9 months ago. That night was so hard!! Well, what’s over is over. The last time we saw the Rockies this year was a series win for the Padres. Both teams are struggling big time. I hope the Padres play like they care tonight. By the way, we lost 9-2 yesterday. Adrian and Edgar Gonzalez drove in our runs. Go Padres!  


  1. deansbaseballblog

    This is a golden opportunity for the Pads to move up a notch in the standings. As they take the field tonight, you know they’ve gotta be thinking about last year…at least the players who were on the club last year. A little revenge would be sweet.

    By the way, I’m also fond of Kouz but have been hearing a lot of rumblings about him getting traded between now and the beginning of next season. Seems they want Headly at third.

    Regarding Hoffman, it broke my heart to hear people booing him last week. So soon they forget. Shame on those people.

    I was at the game last Wednesday when Maddux was pulled. Some moron sitting a few rows in front of me stood up and booed him as he left the field. For the love of God! Oh well, if they buy a ticket, they’re entitled to boo. I just think it’s crass.

  2. Kaybee

    If a fan really loves and cares for their team, they won’t boo them. Why would anyone boo Maddux? He’s been one of the more solid players this year. I really hope things go right tonight. Thanks for reading!

  3. petersaa

    Misery loves company. I’m half glad that interleague play is over, when AL teams came to Coors we did good, but when we hit the road we were crap. It’s just how things are. Hopefully the Padres are over that 163rd game, but I wouldn’t be upset if it got in their heads, seeing that I’m a Rockies fan. I will give a full report after I get back from the game tonight. May the best team win!

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