Padres vs. Mariners: Game 2 Recap/A Tip for Suffering Fans

Well, I didn’t listen to this game so it doesn’t hurt as much. But the result is the same. We lost 4-2. we have 50 losses and we are 9 and half behind. We haven’t won since Friday last week. I told you th Silva guy was going to beat us. He hadn’t had a win since April 17. We’ve lost another game, another series. Positives? Tony Clark had a two-run single. There were 2 more errors in this game. Oh, wait, this is supposed to be positives. We had ten hits, which was one more than the Mariners had. Khalil and Edgar had 2 hits each. Kouz had a hit and scored a run. Man, this is really sad. If you ever get really depressed with your team, take a night off. Watch a movie or hang out with your friends. I can tell you, I don’t feel great, but not being involved made me not really care. You don’t have to be completely removed, though. I was watching a movie, but I paused it every once in a while to check the score on the internet. I saw that it was 4-0, so I didn’t see much hope. But if you see your team is winning for the first time in a week, you could go back to following the game. Baseball’s not just tough for the players; it’s really tough for the fans. We just need a break sometimes. How long is this going to last?! I will survive. Again, a lot of fans came out to rally behind their team. Again, they were disappointed. Well, the Padres are going to be home for only 9 games in July. We might as well get out there while we can. Go Padres!!

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