My First Game of the Year: Recap

It was a beautiful night for baseball. The faithful Padres fans hoped desperately for a win, but deep down they knew it couldn’t happen. Their worst fears were confirmed only a few batters into the game. Even though Randy Wolf left 3 runners stranded with no damage, we could feel that it wasn’t our night. It was an very odd game . The Mariners struck in the 5th, scoring 3 runs. We knew that there was no hope. Randy threw way too many pitches in too short of a time. He left only 4 and a third innings into the game. On the other side, Jarrod Washburn cruised through 7 and two thirds. Chase Headley hit his third homer in ten games, cutting the lead to 4-2. I could not believe Chase hit the homer, ’cause I had predicted it seconds before it happened. It was the best part of the game.  In the eighth, Brian Giles hit a triple with two outs. Adrian got intentionally walked. Washburn left the game. During the pitching change, an inspirational video of Kouz played. The fans got hyped up. “KOOOOOOOZ” flashed on the screens. Then he grounds out to end the inning. It was sick. I love Kouz, but that groundout killed us. I hate the 2-out rallies. We never get anything out of them. The game ended painfully. This team is so pathetic!! On the pitching side, our bullpen was good. We had signed Brett Tomko again that day, and he pitched two good innings. Cla Meredith was very sharp, which is great. Carlos Guevara did OK. Four guys in our lineup had hits. Giles had three, Adrian had two, Kouz and Headley had one each. It was great for me to get out to the ballpark. I had incredible seats( thank you to the people who gave me the opportunity to go! ). It was exciting to see Steve Garvey throw out the first pitch.  I took over 200 pictures, most of them of  Kouz. I really enjoyed the amazingly close seats. My loudest screams were definately on Chase’s homer. I loved being around other fans! There weren’t many, but we tried to get the team going. One of my favorite parts of the fans was when one of our pitchers had a big pitch to make and the crowd made noise by themselves. There were no scoreboard prompts, we just knew that we needed to get behind our team. It was a cool moment. But, of course, the guy got a hit and RBI. Sigh. Like I said, we tried. You know that song “Let’s Get it Started”? Most ballparks will use it when the home team gets a few runners on in the early innings. Well, they didn’t have the opportunity to use it until the 8th inning with 2 outs!! Pathetic. It was fun being there, but I got really mad after the last out. We are on a 6 game losing streak. Oh, and Arizona lost again. The two worst teams in the majors went at it last night. Even though the Mariners record shows them to be the lesser team, I think we all know who really is.

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