Padres vs. Twins: Game 3 Recap/Dealing With Failure

Well, what do you know. We had a 3-0 lead but the Twins came back and won 4-3. Is it our pitching or their offense? When things are going this bad, I have to make myself not care anymore. I usually get very emotional , and I am way to attached to the team.  It hurts too badly to be attached to this team right now. But I know this won’t last forever. Short of a miracle, we aren’t going to the postseason. Not if we’re playing like this. When it gets this bad, you just have to enjoy baseball. Never mind teams, divisions, standings. It’s baseball. You have to be careful with this game, though. It will rip your heart out. If you want to survive, you have to have a very short term memory. Baseball is a game of looking forward. The players will fail one day, but they will always be back out there the next, starting over. We should do the same. On a very exciting note, I am going to my first game of the year tomorrow!! I am so glad to be going to a game that I don’t really care how my Padres are doing. If they need to be booed, I might boo them. But hopefully I’ll be able to witness our first win of the week. It’s 1978 retro night, so the Padres will wear their hideous yellow and brown unis. I just can’t wait to be out at the ballpark!!!!!!!

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    first of all it’s our pitching. It stinks! we need to clear out our bull pen and start new. Trust me anything would be better than what we have now. Anyway, it’s not pitcher’s fault that they’re still on the team, and I won’t boo them for that, and I still do care and get emo over them and all, but we can’t forsake our home team no matter how ugly it gets. don’t even mention postseason. That’s as likely as Trevor staying on another year! lol!! You also talk about enjoying baseball for baseball’s sake. True, to a point, but if you put aside all the teams, divisions, standings, and whatnot, all you have is a bunch of overpaid, steroid pumped, uniformed punks trying to peg each other with rawhide-covered string ball for fan’s sake!! I agree that we should start over next year, but I think it’s up to the mangers whether it’s any different. time will tell.

    Have fun at your game! Enjoy the hot dogs and cracker-jack, they’re the only things that will give you any sense of satisfaction and joy! Humbug!

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