Trevor’s time is NOT over…

Trevor Hoffman is baseball’s all-time saves leader. I think he always will be. And he is not washed up and he definitely still has it in him. I know he hasn’t had many save opportunities lately but I’ll say what I have to say and leave it at that. We all know how hard Trev got hit in that last weekend last year. It took him a long time to get over it, but he did. He got the cleanup surgery and now he’s back, throwing better than he has been in a long time. He’s always had rough Aprils, and this year was no different. He has not had many save chances this year (18) but that’s his offense’s problem. He has blown only 3 saves. Many more “better” closers have blown way more than him. If he was done, we would know it. Guys would be bombing him all the time. But they’re not. Trevor’s getting guys out, just like he always has.   


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